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Meghan McCain Slams Anti-Trump RINO To Her Face, ‘Why Do You Still Consider Yourself A Republican?’ (video)

Democrats have been raining down non-stop abuse on Republican President Donald Trump and his administration in predictable fashion. However, what has been disturbing is how some “Never Trump” Republicans still have not embraced outsider Trump’s presidency and have been helping liberals trying to damage him. One of the worst of these so-called Republicans is CNN […]

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Breaking: Top Democrat Just Caved, Says He’ll Support Border Wall After All (VIDEO)

With each passing day, Republican President Donald Trump’s pledge to build a border wall on America’s southern border with Mexico inches closer to reality, despite all the liberals and establishment Republicans who have been dismissing it as a fantasy. Congressional Democrats had circled the wagons and uniformly opposed the wall, but it is clear that […]

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CNN’s Don Lemon Says Trump Is ‘Racist’, MLK’s Nephew Rips Him Apart To His Face, Wow (VIDEO)

Liberals in politics and in the media over and over again make a big mistake when they automatically assume that every single African-American mindlessly votes for Democratic candidates and buys into the falsehoods that they try to spread about Republicans such as President Donald Trump. CNN host Don Lemon learned this the hard way recently […]

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White House Voicemail Accuses Dems of Holding Government ‘Hostage’ (VIDEO)

People hoping to voice their opinion on the ongoing federal government shutdown were shocked Sunday when calls to the White House were answered with a voicemail message blaming Democrats for spoiling negotiations to avoid the closing. “Thank you for calling the White House. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today because congressional Democrats are holding government […]

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Rep. Luis Gutierrez offers support for border wall in exchange for protecting ‘Dreamers’

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said he will support President Trump’s push for the construction of a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border if Republicans will agree to protect so-called “Dreamers.”   “I think it will be a monumental waste of taxpayers money to build a monument to stupidity,” Gutierrez told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Saturday. […]

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Chris Matthews Claims That Obama Is “Still The President”, His Reason Why Is Disturbing (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews claimed that Obama is “still the President” during a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball.” His reasoning? A lot of people still view him as President, and he watched something on David Letterman about it. Hmmm… Democrats really live in an alternate reality. “Let me ask you about the president — President Obama, to […]

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Juan Williams Flips Out Over Trump’s Fake News Awards By Giving Dumb Suggestion, Gutfeld Destroys Him

Republican President Donald Trump finally unveiled his long-promised list of the White House’s Fake News Awards, and the American people got to see all in one place how many lies the liberal-biased mainstream media outlets such as CNN had told them during Trump’s presidency. Of course, left-wing fired former National Public Radio reporter and current The […]