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A Billionaire Keeps Pushing to Impeach Trump. Democrats Are Rattled.

Democratic leaders have pressed Tom Steyer privately, urging him to tone down his campaign calling for President Trump’s impeachment. They have prodded him in public, declaring on television that they consider impeachment an impractical idea. And party strategists have pleaded with Democratic candidates for Congress not to join in. But Mr. Steyer, a California billionaire […]

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Elizabeth Warren Accuses Pro-Life People Of Being Murderers Of Women

Planned Parenthood is responsible for murdering thousands of babies each year. Democrats often argue that a woman’s ‘choice’ is more valuable than a babies’ life. They clearly have a disregard for human life. However, according to Elizabeth Warren, it’s actually pro-life people who have disregard for human life. She wrote an article for Time magazine […]

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Meghan McCain Slams Anti-Trump RINO To Her Face, ‘Why Do You Still Consider Yourself A Republican?’ (video)

Democrats have been raining down non-stop abuse on Republican President Donald Trump and his administration in predictable fashion. However, what has been disturbing is how some “Never Trump” Republicans still have not embraced outsider Trump’s presidency and have been helping liberals trying to damage him. One of the worst of these so-called Republicans is CNN […]

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Breaking: Top Democrat Just Caved, Says He’ll Support Border Wall After All (VIDEO)

With each passing day, Republican President Donald Trump’s pledge to build a border wall on America’s southern border with Mexico inches closer to reality, despite all the liberals and establishment Republicans who have been dismissing it as a fantasy. Congressional Democrats had circled the wagons and uniformly opposed the wall, but it is clear that […]

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CNN’s Don Lemon Says Trump Is ‘Racist’, MLK’s Nephew Rips Him Apart To His Face, Wow (VIDEO)

Liberals in politics and in the media over and over again make a big mistake when they automatically assume that every single African-American mindlessly votes for Democratic candidates and buys into the falsehoods that they try to spread about Republicans such as President Donald Trump. CNN host Don Lemon learned this the hard way recently […]

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Bill Maher Urges Melania To Divorce Trump After Doctor’s Results

During a recent episode of “Real Time” Bill Maher challenged the Trump’s doctor’s physical results, brought up ‘sh*tholes’ and encouraged Melania to divorce President Trump. “The entire conservative establishment is lying for Donald Trump. When Tom Cotton (R-AR), the senator and … Perdue (R-GA), the other one, they were in the room when he said, […]

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On Friday, Democrats celebrated as they successfully shut down the government because they put illegal aliens over American citizens, and immediately after California Rep. Nancy Pelosi did the worst thing she could have possibly done. Despite the fact that Obama’s illegal DACA program doesn’t expire until February, Democrats used it as leverage to ensure that […]