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Meghan McCain Slams Anti-Trump RINO To Her Face, ‘Why Do You Still Consider Yourself A Republican?’ (video)

Democrats have been raining down non-stop abuse on Republican President Donald Trump and his administration in predictable fashion. However, what has been disturbing is how some “Never Trump” Republicans still have not embraced outsider Trump’s presidency and have been helping liberals trying to damage him.

One of the worst of these so-called Republicans is CNN commentator and frequent The View guest host Ana Navarro, who has used most of her air time over the past two years bashing Trump. Finally, during a recent broadcast of The View, conservative co-host Meghan McCain decided that she had had enough and asked Navarro directly if she actually is a Republican.

The hosts talked about the government shutdown, and Navarro agreed with the liberal hosts that the Republicans are to blame for it, stating, “I would say to Mitch McConnell, I would say to everybody because it’s going to happen on both sides, do not play with the people that are defending our national security that are putting our lives at risk.”

This pushed McCain over the limit and she fired back, “[I] think there’s a cacophony of blame being pointed everywhere and quite frankly, you are showing your partisanship if you don’t place the same amount of blame on Trump that you did on President Obama and speaker Boehner as you did at the time, on Chuck Schumer at the same time. It is not intellectually honest to sit here and say this is completely Trump’s fault. Democrats are playing partisan politics in the exact same way.”

After Navarro still would not stop attacking her own party about the “Dreamers,” Meghan laid down the law and said to her, “I understand that DACA is a very emotional issue at this point but most Republicans are on my side on this one, Ana, and it’s really difficult for me to understand sometimes why you still consider yourself a Republican.” Are you glad McCain called Ana out as a fake Republican to her face? Watch below:


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